"I Can Fly" (Bessie Coleman)

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"I Can Fly"

Girl Power Songs

Lyricist: Erica Bauer | Vocals & Instrumentation: Erica Bauer & Demetriuz | Producer: Demetriuz

Bessie Coleman is my name
I'm going to fly a plane
The US says no way
At least not for today

It's 1922
Here's what I'm going to do
I'll learn to fly in France
Cuz' they'll give me a chanceAnd everybody said

Wo-ah, look at Bessie go
Flyin' high
At the airplane show
Wo-ah, look at Bessie go
Flyin' so high
The first one-woman show

Ask anyone around
The best stunt pilot in town
Yes, I can
Fly like Bessie Coleman



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