"Underground Railroad" (Harriet Tubman)

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"Underground Railroad"

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Lyricist: Erica Bauer | Vocals & Instrumentation: Erica Bauer & Demetriuz | Producer: Demetriuz


Born as a slave, she knew she was free
1849 she escaped slavery
Too much danger if she were found
To get away she went underground
Harriet Tubman
She escaped to freedom
What a strong woman
She led the way to freedom
It was legal for Black people
To be bought and sold
She said lives on the Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman did not agree
That Black people should not be free
The Underground Railroad made a way
For Black slaves to get away
She used it to save herself
Went back for others and offered help
Harriet left a legacy
Of freeing others from slavery


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